A description of the west side story one of the best plays by arthur laurents

Hip-hop theater gets Luckey

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Arthur Laurents

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West Side Story

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Contrived Coincidence

Call it the scariest horror flick ever made, a Moby Dick action adventure, a social commentary on beach towns and greedy mayors, a humanistic family story of science and wonder, one of the best film adaptations of a best-selling novel, one of the pioneering summer blockbusters and the winner of three Academy Awards (editing, sound, score).

Books about Broadway, Database contains complete listings and information of all the books about broadway, theatre & more. West Side Story took this one step further by combining the classic and the hip. Robbins' energetic choreography and Bernstein's grand score accentuated the satiric, hard-edged lyrics of Sondheim, and Laurents' capture of the angry voice of urban unavocenorthernalabama.com: Leonard Bernstein.

Product Description. Everything comes up roses when you let Rosalind Russell, Natalie Wood and Karl Malden entertain you in the lavish movie musical of the Broadway hit about Gypsy Rose Lee and her formidable mother.

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The Learning Network. Under the Table. What story could this image tell? Use your imagination to write the opening of a short story or poem inspired by this illustration.

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