A literary analysis of the ice storm by rick moody

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The Ice Storm

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Likewise, Moody's allusions to historical societal issues have been more viewed as either shrewd or authoritative. RICK MOODY: Oh, I was an editorial assistant at Simon & Schuster for a while, and then actually I worked at Farrar Straus, kind of as a line editor, manuscript trafficker guy in Jonathan Galassi's office for three years, from '88 to ' In fact, it's where a lot of the book's power comes from: no one i know is "fully developed" either.

Is the book too cold? Look at the title. Moody writes about something clearly personal to him, but avoids becoming overly sentimental.


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The Ice Storm

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is a federal republic composed a. The Lovely Bones Study Guide Essay. to Rick Moody's The Ice Storm, which is set around the same time The Lovely Bones begins and ends with the tragic death of a family's teenage child.

A literary analysis of the ice storm by rick moody
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