A study of the florentine codex of the aztec empire

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Aztec Artifacts - 5 Surprising Finds

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Module 01: Demographic Catastrophe — What Happened to the Native Population After 1492?

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Aztec Artifacts - 5 Surprising Finds

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General History of the Things of New Spain by Fray Bernardino de Sahagún: The Florentine Codex

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The Aztec Vault

The Florentine Codex, created by the chronicler Bernardino de Sahagun, was written in a latinized Nahuatl script. This text primarily discusses daily life, mythology, and the rules of various kings, but also touches on war and conquest. The Aztec corn goddess Chicomecoatl is identified as "another Ceres," the Roman goddess of agriculture.

In Bernardino de Sahagún, Historia General de las cosas de Nueva España (General History of the Things of New Spain), also called the Florentine Codex, Valley of Mexico, Watercolor, The Florentine Codex is a 16th-century ethnographic research study in Mesoamerica by the Spanish Franciscan friar Bernardino de Sahagún.

Sahagún originally titled it: La Historia Universal de las Cosas de Nueva España (in English: The Universal History of the Things of New Spain). After a translation mistake, it was given the name Historia. Florentine Codex, from Book 9 The writing is Nahuatl.

Aztec Feather Shield. Discovered perhaps years after it was made, this was a very unusual find among other Aztec artifacts. Items like this don't usually survive long enough to be found, but this one was in incredibly good condition. The Florentine Codex is a complex document, assembled, edited, and appended over decades.

Essentially it is three integral texts: (1) in Nahuatl; (2) a Spanish text; (3) pictorials. The final version of the Florentine Codex was completed in Commonly called the Florentine Codex, the manuscript came into the possession of the Medici no later than and is now in the Medicea Laurenziana Library in Florence.

Sahagún began conducting research into indigenous cultures in the s, using a methodology that scholars consider to be a precursor to modern anthropological field .

A study of the florentine codex of the aztec empire
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