An essay on the normative foundations of antitrust economics

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Searching for the Common Law: The Quantitative Approach of the Restatement of Consumer Contracts

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Limitations on Diverse Speech:. Critically analyses the current state of international economic governance Analyses a broad range of topics in international economic law, including WTO law, law of regional integration, investment law, competition law, economics and the politics of trade, international dispute resolution, and inter.

“[p]ropositions about the economics of mergers often are filled with ifs and maybes; competing schools of thought produce different prescriptions”).

See generally Michael S. Jacobs, An Essay on the Normative Foundations of Antitrust Economics, 74 N.C. L. REV.

Foundations of Economic Analysis

(). Bartlett, Randall. Economic Foundations of Political Power. New York: Free Press, Bartlett Economic Foundations of Political Power Brady, Robert A. Business as a System of Power. New York: Columbia Uni-versity Press, Brady Business as a System of Power Buchanan, James. Public Finance in the Democratic Process.

The discussion on the normative foundations of competition law is not well-developed. Economic efficiency cannot be the final answer to this normative question.

There are different concepts of efficiency with their specific problems and deficits. The discussion in economics, which is narrowed down.

Download PDF: Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following location(s): (external link) http. Economic efficiency cannot be the final answer to this normative question.

There are different concepts of efficiency with their specific problems and deficits. The discussion in economics, which is narrowed down to total welfare standard vs.

consumer welfare standard, does not sufficiently grasp the complexity of the normative problems.

An essay on the normative foundations of antitrust economics
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