Assessment of the caucasus region

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Russia in the Caucasus

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Assessment of the Caucasus Region Essay

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Chelidze, Z. Javakhishvili, O. Varazanashvili, M. Elashvili, Seismic hazard assessment of Georgia was connected with compilation of seismic The seismicity of the area reflects the general tectonics of the region. The Caucasus is one of the most active segments of the.

Early Proto-Indo-European (or Indo-Uralic) spoken probably during the formation and development of a loose Early Khvalynsk – Sredni Stog I cultural-historical community over the Pontic-Caspian steppe region, whose indigenous population probably had mainly Caucasus hunter-gatherer ancestry.

This book presents the first assessment of the high-elevation flora of the Central Caucasus with a community ecology emphasis. Following a geostatistical-climatological description of the region (in comparison to the European Alps), it describes the montane, alpine and nival plant assemblages on the basis of an ecological approach that combines.

The Caucasian region lies between the Black and Caspian Seas, and is the meeting point of Europe and Asia. There are two main ranges, the Greater Caucasus and the Lesser Caucasus, which run parallel from the northwest to the southeast for over 1, km ( miles).

The Caucasus region was one of the test areas of the Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Project (GSHAP) developed between and which aimed at constructing the global seismic hazard map of our planet (Giardini and Basham, ; Giardini, ). There are now up to PA sites in the Caucasus region, covering percent of its area (over one million ha protected since ).

A PA gap analysis of Turkey is nearing completion, and will identify areas in the country in need of PA protection.

Assessment of the caucasus region
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