Marine policy project overview 2014 15

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Toward a New Horizon in the Marine Seismic Streamer Industry

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Odyssey Marine Exploration

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Oakland International Container Terminal

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Marine habitats

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The marine environment supplies many kinds of habitats that support marine life. Marine life depends in some way on the saltwater that is in the sea (the term marine comes from the Latin mare, meaning sea or ocean).A habitat is an ecological or environmental area inhabited by one or more living species.

Marine habitats can be divided into coastal and open ocean habitats.

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Marine Policy Project: Overview Blue Ice Antarctica (from B. Longworth (WHOI) with permission) This research project will be completed in four (4) parts throughout the term and will require students to identify, research, and build an argument (pro or con) regarding a specific issue related to the oceans%(1).

Marine Policy Project: Overview Blue Ice Antarctica (from B. Longworth (WHOI) with permission) This research project will be completed in four (4) parts throughout the term and will require students to identify, research, and build an argument (pro or con) regarding a specific issue related to the oceans%(1).

Marine Policy Project Part 2 Submitted By: M Farooqi The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Out in the Pacific Ocean, large amounts of waste debris is found floating in a .

Marine policy project overview 2014 15
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