The battle of the brands old

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The Battle of the Brands: Old Spice Vs. Axe

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Battle of Brands

A manifesto from Old Spice's brand team goes: "I didn't have an older brother to steer me down the aisle to the Old Spiceshelf. The battle should never have been fought, and regardless of what the defenders contributed to the mythology of Texas, their contribution to the strategy of the Texas Revolution was nil or negative.

GTOACO's 3 rd Annual Battle of the Brands Posted: May 29th, Join the GTOACO on Saturday, July 28th for the fourth annual Battle of the Brands, sponsored by Big Walnut Grill and Jet's Pizza. Old Spice Marketing Campaign - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Overview of the ”The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Campaign “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” rejuvenated an aging brand and made Old Spice relevant to a whole new generation.

This campaign illustrates that simple insights combined with exceptional storytelling can dramatically make campaign successful. Battle of the Brands Bury the hatchet? Nah, it's too much fun brandishing weapons in the long-standing rivalry between Ford and Chevrolet.

Old Spice: Revitalizing Glacial Falls Context: InP&G reported a growth of 5% in volume and a 3% increase in revenue for its Old Spice brand. The achievement was deemed "flat" when P&G had maintained a competitive media spending of 23% in the men's deodorant category.

The battle of the brands old
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3rd Annual Battle of the Brands Car Show - Sunbury, Ohio