The dreadful effects of earthquakes

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The Applicant is utterly precedent down, the Earth is clean refined, the Earth is based exceedingly. Earthquakes can mainly have two dreadful effects. First, one direct effect of earthquakes is ground shaking and landslides.

8 Harmful Effects of Earthquake

The earthquake’s waves make the ground move, shaking buildings and causing weaker structures to collapse. Jul 19,  · Earthquakes are caused by disturbances in the interior of the earth and other causes.

It is true that the earthquakes can happen in any part of the world. But in the areas of faulting and folding or of crustal weakness, the frequency of earthquakes is more than anywhere else.

What Are the Effects of an Earthquake?

The earthquakes are Reviews: 8 Harmful Effects of Earthquake. Article shared by. While an earthquake occurs only for a few seconds, the aftershocks can go on for days after that. Earthquakes are measured on a logarithmic scale developed by Charles Richter incalled the Richter scale.

Earthquakes have economic effects like setback in trade and agriculture. Harmful effects of earthquakes - Damage to human structures, landslides, fires, flash floods, tsunami.

Safety rules to be taken during an Earthquake. Fires, often associated with broken electrical and gas lines, is one of the common side effects of earthquakes. Gas is set free as gas lines are broken and a spark will start bringing "inferno".

The earthquake from Alaska on March 28th, caused seismic waves that were so powerful that bodies of water oscillated in many places across. An earthquake is an sudden and violent shaking of the ground because of released energy, and sometimes it causes great destruction and casualties.

When it happens, everything that it crosses is destroyed. Therefore, there are three effects of earthquakes: tsunamis, volcanoes, and landslides.

The dreadful effects of earthquakes
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