The human cheek cell microscope lab

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Lab Report Cells seen under the Microscope

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This item: United Scientific Supplies "Human Cheek Cells" Prepared Microscope Slide $ Only 10 left in stock (more on the way). Ships from and sold by Test your skill. Practice what you have learned. The virtual scope has all the same controls found on the real thing.

Microscope controls: turn knobs (click and hold on upper or lower portion of knob). Microscope Lab Objectives: To learn the parts of the microscope. To find specimens using low and high power.

To make a wet mount. To view your own human cheek cells under the microscope. Human cheek cells divide about every 24 hours and are constantly shed from the body.

Cheek cells are often used to extract DNA for testing.

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Escherichia Coli (x). Double DNA Extraction Lab; (SB2 a,b,f) Part 1: Human Cheek Cell DNA Purpose: Make a wet mount of the DNA and view under a microscope. You might need to stain the DNA with iodine to help you visualize the DNA. 7. Rinse both the funnel and the bottle three times. Lab: DNA Extraction from Human Cheek Cells.

Onion and Cheek Cells. Theory. Theory. Procedure. Animation. Simulator. Video. Viva Voce. Resources. Place this glass side on the stage of the compound microscope and view it.

To Prepare Stained Temporary Mount of Human Cheek Cells Materials Required. Real Lab Procedure.

The human cheek cell microscope lab
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