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Dairy Marts Switch to Circle K

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In a few months, K-Mart stores in Hawaii will be a thing of the past. In a few months, K-Mart stores in Hawaii will be a thing of the past. (Image: Jessica Baker) PHOTOS: Lahaina brush fire.

Jan 05,  · Watch video · Sears Holding, parent company of department stores Kmart and Sears, will be closing stores this spring. That includes Kmart and 42 Sears locations in 40 states. The company said. Kmart also converted regular Kmart stores into Big Kmart stores during the first half of [ citation needed ] InKmart and Capital One launched an all-new co-branded MasterCard as a replacement for the private label Kmart credit cards.

Kmart Corporation (/ ˈ k eɪ m ɑːr t / KAY-mart, doing business as Kmart and stylized as kmart) is an American big box department store chain headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United unavocenorthernalabama.come: US$ billion ( SHC).

K-mart Stores K-mart's upper management is attempting to bring K-mart "upmarket" without losing the chain's discount image. The goal is to change the store's image from a no-frills discount store to a retailer of quality, brand-name merchandise offered in modern, attractive displa. Redirecting.

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