The significance of the discovery of the iceman essay

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Why was the discovery of otzi the iceman so important?

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Otzi's clothes, belongings and gut helps understand the lives of ancestors. It was then that they realized that Otzi the Iceman was one of the most amazing archaeological finds of the century.

Once it was realized that Otzi was an extremely important discovery, two teams of archaeologists went back to the discovery site to see if they could find more artifacts.

Quiz Questions on Classic Books, Thrillers, World Writers, Nobel Laureates, Poets and Poems, and more. The Significance of the discovery of the Iceman Words Apr 20th, 9 Pages The Iceman was discovered on the 19th September by a German couple, Helmut and Erika Simons, who were hiking near the Austrian and Italian border in the Alps.

Otzi is a mummy from the stone age, years ago, discovered by two German hikers named Erika and Helmut Simon in (1) - Iceman Essay introduction.

“The Iceman” as he was nicknamed, is a mummy who was unfortunately murdered due to jealously most likely from his important role in the community. View the Episode Archive» Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes | RSS. #smartbinge Radiolab podcasts.

The significance of the discovery of the iceman essay
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