The theme of inspiration in the lyric ode to the west wind by pb shelley

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Ode to the West Wind Quotes

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Percy Bysshe Shelley

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' and find homework help for other Ode to the West Wind, To a. In which in "Ode to the West wind", Shelley describes the winds mighty power and fierce strength, for example in "Ode to the West Wind," Shelley writes: "Wild Spirit, which art moving everywhere; Destroyer and preserver; hear, oh, hear!"(Pg, line's 13 and 14).

The West Wind.

Ode to the West Wind

Shelley uses the West Wind to symbolize the power of nature and of the imagination inspired by nature. Unlike Mont Blanc, however, the West Wind is active and dynamic in poems, such as “Ode to the West Wind.” While Mont Blanc is immobile, the West Wind is an agent for change.

Ode to the West Wind The poet offers that the wind over the Mediterranean Sea was an inspiration for the poem. Recognizing its power, the wind becomes a metaphor for nature’s awe-inspiring spirit. Shelley sets many of his poems in autumn, including “Hymn to Intellectual Beauty” and “Ode to the West Wind.” Fall is a time of beauty and death, and so it shows both the creative and destructive powers of nature, a favorite Shelley theme.

Context: This vivid lyric poem reveals Shelley's ability to paint colorful and exciting pictures of nature. He addresses the "wild West Wind," the "breath of Autumn's being," and then describes.

The theme of inspiration in the lyric ode to the west wind by pb shelley
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